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Super Mario Flash ver. 2

Jan 31 2014

    Play at mario game. Your game […]

True fact about frogs

Jan 31 2014

        True facts about our […]

OFFICIAL! Facebook to collapse before 2017

Jan 31 2014

      Everybody know Facebook will become […]

Freemason woman dress costume exposed at #MBAM

Jan 29 2014

Fortunately for some, since summer 2011 the dresses […]

Mayer’s internet of things a tipping point?

Jan 28 2014

#Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer was among the top cream of the tech […]

World’s elite wants to finish off #Syria once and for all in #2014

Jan 24 2014

        Their plans was to […]

Detroit #nwo blueprint for a ”city of doom”

Jan 23 2014

Detroit will be used as a laboratory in the #nwo. The bankruptcy will only be a mean to pumps up more wealth to the elites. Detroit will be revived from his dust. The elites are jubilating.

Genesis of the new world order

Jan 2 2014

2014 rises

Jan 1 2014