Detroit #nwo blueprint for a ”city of doom”

Jan 23 2014 11:37 @patlalrique

Detroit will be used as a laboratory in the #nwo. The bankruptcy will only be a mean to pumps up more wealth to the elites. After the storm, the good time. #Detroit will be revived from his dust. The elites are jubilating.

detroit courage

Detroit now rely on hard work and heating oil

In fact, this city will be a good havoc-meter to see the result of the politics coming from them. They are directly responsable for what happen to this city and are watching what is going on with a lot of satisfaction. It should be clear now for the rest of the world. Everybody realize the nature of this controlled demolition.
The elites like when a city become abandonned, defectuous, but with gigantic masonic buildings that are in contrast well maintained for the elites. It fits with their movie script from the films they do in Hollywood.
A city where there is poverty and criminality (blade runner scenario), with simple people trying to survive beside the ultra-rich powerful.
detroit city

Detroit will revive like a phoenix

The juggernaut bankruptcy allowed the phoenix rebirth of #Detroit. They like to erase something and start back from scratches with the recuperated assets. There is a dynamic realty scene with companies constructing new buildings for the rich while the abandonned houses and lots are acquired by the state and federal governments.
Officials say that bankruptcy should has been filled years before. Instead, the agony was prolonged because of the lack of courage of civil servants who wasn’t up to do the damage control required for the good of the city. The illuminatis couldn’t be more happier to see their plans turning out to be a large, controlled and slow demolition of the city.
baltimore maryland

Baltimore could collapse

According to some report the city of Baltimore could be next to be sent to the municipal meat-grinder. And it’s nothing. Jefferson County in Alabama has been sorted out and Long Island State is in big trouble.
It is up for the courageous citizens of Detroit to develop skills and associate in order to claim their share. There is room for everyone when one is willing to fight for it.
An ultra-futuristic project from our ”elite” and managed for all the glory of the new world order!


detroit michigan

Hard working Detroit

Beware the nwo is watching our cities.
detroit center

Nwo is watching







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