Freemason woman dress costume exposed at #MBAM

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Freemason symbology costume

Fortunately for some, since summer 2011 the dresses of famous couturier Jean-Paul Gaultier are exposed at the Musée des Beaux-arts of #Montréal and the public can see very nice piece of modern art from someone who wasn’t only doing it for the money.
Those unique piece of work count sometime on symbology to communicate the spirit in which they were made as illustrated in the introductory picture. This dress was made with freemason symbology, most partucularly #France’s freemason where it is more widespread than america.
Freemason costume at #MBAM.

Freemason costume at #MBAM.

JPG is french, and he did a very astonishing dress, worn by a super-elite model, that we can see in the promotion campaign. JPG always liked to use secret societies and masquerade concept in his clothes. He did that again and again in his career and by that we can think about The Fifth Element futuristic movie where he designed the whole costume inventory.

Fan dress inspired by JPG Fifth element costume

It is worth mentioning that an exhibit relating the story of Freemasonry held in Carlisle (UK) past June featured three chairs and a dress designed by Jean Paul Gaultier. This exhibit would reportedly be the largest exhibition of Freemasonry held outside #London.
katy jpg riha

Perry, JPG and Rihanna meet at the #Paris Womenswear on october 3rd, 2009

Even stars when they dress with Gaultier’s garments become totally different, like if they were another person, somebody else. That demonstrates how powerfull is the influence of JPG crafting hand and the symbology impregnating the clothes.
perry jpg

Perry wearing JPG in June 2011 in #Paris

It is with a lot of luck that #Montreal fashion elite were able to see with their own eye the unique pieces of masonic clothing.
JPG at the #MBAM june 2011

JPG at the #MBAM june 2011



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