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OFFICIAL! Facebook to collapse before 2017

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#Facebook likes it when you like.

Everybody know Facebook will become obsolete one day or another, but it will not be for the reason all the hyper-ventilating nannies in the media are thinking of.
Even if they revealed numbers last week indicating they multiplied their net income by 8 (up to 523 million) for a single quarter thanks to mobile advertisement, they are still facing threats from other angles. The finance are not doing bad at Facebook but the website could be more worn off than people think. Before Christmas 2013, there was a media choir talking about how much FB was a ”fundamentally broken product” and that it would sink ”under his own weight”.
It sounds like it is what they want to see the Facebook be trown away. It is exactly what the elites must be wanting too. They would like to see this data-bibendum explode and get anihilated in a data vortex blast where all the network user informations would be mixed, merged and deformed together. I’ll would render all our data unrecognizable. No way to trace back your story and your precious memory that you didn’t bothered remember.

Facebook is betting big on the mobile

It is worthy noting that now the IPOed juggernaut is valued at nearly 150 billion, more than most country on earth.
But all of this is somehow an illusion. Facebook took time to go public and now they are only monetizing their user base. 500 million per quarter is not that much for a company with such a market cap and 1 billion users. It is easy to wonder whether they entered the stock market to late and spoiled years of advertisement revenue.
Around them, the web was evolving and they do not look like they have well adjusted to the new reality. While everywhere content was packing up on webpage, Facebook only kept their same blue-boring site. They got the memo and started using more agressively their space and introduced the trending now tool.

Google earns 6 or 7 times Facebook money in a quarter. –Bloomberg

But aside the financial mumbo jumbo Facebook is ”facing” a bigger threat : his user base slowly but surely vacating the premises and heading toward new dynamic web platforms that better suit their needs in term of use and taste.
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The young people are fleeing to website and application that allow them to go mobile, and by adding a value for using those application in mobile. Facebook gives the advantage to stay connected with your friend but lacks what others mobile internet service offers more dynamically.
Such application are Foursquare, Instagramme, Vine, Twitter, pinterest, snapchat and many others.
Of course, Facebook is offering most of the product his competitors are offering but the latter are presenting their service in a more attractive way.
Plus, the youngster are well known to be demanding fresh look and content from service they use and Facebook seem to always do well, but not enough to make a difference.
Facebook knows that and that’s why they tried an adventure in mobile to reinvent themselves. Flirting to buy Motorolla or another struggling phone maker, the launch of Facebook Home as main OS in your phone, and even the rumor to make a Facebook phone.
Not buying Motorolla was now a clever move, they never intended to make their own phone and Facebook Home did not work out the way they wanted. FB home was suppose to emulate the feeling to own a phone crafted by facebook by replacing the Android OS and allowing to dress up you phone on Facebook.
As for the FB phone, they took the right decision and kept doing what they are doing good (programming) and let the phone makers do what they are doing good (com).
The year 2017 would be a realistic year to start seeing Facebook to crumble. If they don’t radically modify their business model, they won’t be able to meet Wall Street expectations. Some would say 2017 is a far away date but considering the financial might Facebook hold, it is hard to predict what will happen. FB will collapse when something else stronger come to replace it.
Meanwhile it is the known that in the beginning of 2013 they were developing a secret survival back-up system in their new batcave building because things could go sour. The new machine would be low-powered, to make sure our likes live forever!
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