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True fact about frogs

Jan 31 2014 11:51 @patlalrique


True facts about our slimy favorite friends! Did you know that if frogs want their skin to serve as a respiratory organ, it must remain moist? Frogs are susceptible to the pollution in their environment and some toxin can dissolve into their skin water film and be passed into their bloodstream. Rise awareness about degradation of our ecosystems!
Here’s a very nice sample of frogs singing and mating in May. FOR BEST RESULTS, put Youtube volume to a maximum, use headphones and put quality to 720p. The sound of the video is at mid-level because I did not want to distort the audio quality by producing the footage with a higher volume. visit and share! #frog #wetland #frogsong #song #nature #naturalscience #music #quebec #montreal #beautiful #green #ecology #biology #show
Frogs are creatures that are very sensitive to their environment. Frogs can actually breath trough their skin when it’s wet. It is then too a freeway to chemicals and other compounds to get trough in their system.
When you know that there is frogs thriving in your area, it’s good news because it means generally that the pollution level is in acceptable range.
And that’s why we must take care of naturals habitats to protect frogs and other living creatures. Wetlands are among the most fragile and important area in cities, it is important to raise awareness about the importance of protecting them.
Going to sleep while hearing this tune is very nice and relaxing : it’s a lovely experience that I hope you will be able to experiment one day.


Frogs like

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Date of filming : 05-11-2014

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