Twitter weird IPO secret revealed

Feb 3 2014 23:07 @patlalrique



After much anticipation and excitement, Twitter finally joined the rank of Wall Street stock market, trading under the symbol NYSE:TWTR. But it is not with a bit of strangeness that the Twitter IPO went on.

Many could believe that it was more of a ceremony/ritual than anything else.

Twitter NYSE

Twitter on the NY stock exchange

An IPO is always an important event for an illuminati company: everything is taken into account; the date of the IPO, the NYSE symbol, what happen when the company rings the bell on the opening day, etc. Of course, all numbers involved into the IPO have high symbologic and iconographic value. We have to take into account that the elites love Wall Street and IPO and they want to take maximum advantage of it.
Every details have their importance: for the shareholder, the newly IPOed company wants to communicate subtle hints on the vision on how they wanna do business, the direction they want to lead the company and other things they believe the investors should ought to know. From another angle, the symbology presented in the IPO become a very important message but adressed to the elite this time.
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Opening Bell at NYSE


The NYSE Opening Bell is symbolic artifact as it has opened publicly so many high-tech companies… –patlalrique

In a curious way both co-founder of Twitter were on the floor watching upon the balcony and applauding to the opening. This move sends the idea that even if they are the men in charge here, they go down from they stand and hence are down-to-earth individual and not tyranical boss. It is a fair way to demonstrate your kindness to your subordinate.
This is probably true, but that does not explain why so few people participated to something happening only once. Officially, they just took pictures earlier in the day with all the key people on the balcony. But the bell ringing was reserved for the ritual!
4 persons were there. Pat Stewart, the captain of the famous galactic spaceship the Enterprise, a 9-years-old Lemonade stand tenant, a high-ranked police officer and a director at NYSE. Now why they would ask those 4 persons instead of putting the whole management up that balcony like Facebook did in their IPO?


Crowded Facebook’s IPO

Pretty high in contrast between the two IPOs, isn’t it?

Twitter’s NYSE Opening Bell

And why only 4 person were there ? If you want to put emphasis on users and honor people with good cause, why letting so few people ring the bell? There is many people who could had deserve to be there.
Stewart was probably there for his technical expertise. Being a captain, he must has done many hours in the boiler room of the Enterprise before being promoted to drive the spacecraft.
Vivianne Harr, the best representative among them, was there because she endorsed a very courageous cause and Boston’s bureau chief of Public Information was there to represent the Boston Police department.
The reason she was present was to illustrate the growing rampant use of Twitter by police department around the world. They use it now as a virtual megaphone to yield their instructions. Among them near the bell was Scott Cutler, executive Vice President and head of Global listings. Another interesting choice of person to complete this dream team.
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Social media Twitter

Priority to the user
Don’t bother to much, every person present on that ”altar” was there to send a clear message. This is the user base they have and that they want to develop. Kids, retired, officials and financier/professional. They will ”prioritize” those users under the pretexe it is the new world order.
Another fact mentioning is that Twitter seems to think his user base are made of loners. That explains the limited number of bell ringers. Unless they judge that now the whole world is lonely (because of internet) and that the trend will accentuate in the futur. Possible. It was a heck of an unexpected ceremony we witnessed. Maybe it was just a Star trek fan thing coupled with social engagement, but the Twitter IPO is still leaving us in awe.

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