illuminati Pyramid in Quebec City

Mar 31 2014 21:35 @patlalrique

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DATA FROM YOUTUBE visit and share! Rihanna Jay Z Occult building in Quebec? This is a small introduction for the next video work of the symbology serie and the website Original work by patlalrique, Peace! Rihanna-katy perry-kesha


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Montr̩al РA video introduction on my new website Illuminatis pyramid in Qu̩bec city and Montreal that would like Rihanna, Katy Perry, Beyonc̩ and Bieber! kanye west and Kesha too. The nwo quoi. –Katy Perry the babe from the Illuminati program! Katy Perry la beauté du nouvel ordre mondial!

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Video 1 of symbology serie
First videoblog format
Date of filming 09-01-2012

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