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Montreal City of the New World Order

Mar 31 2014 21:36 @patlalrique



Montreal illuminati city of the New World Order





Montreal, An Illuminati freemason city like toronto? A video made in the Illuminati city of Montr̩al, on top of Mount-royal. Р Рvisit and share! РOriginal work by patlalrique, Peace!


Justin Bieber, Rihanna, beyoncé and jay Z, from the nwo or new world order, think they are illuminatis, but patlalrique says kanye west and katy perry are not even close. nwonotepad nwopad


Indeed, Montréal has many aspect of a freemason city. Everywhere you look, there is illuminatis and freemasons sign out in the open. Stay tune on for more actions!!!1! Mcgill, expo67, Metro. — — This is excellent, very good piece of work! cheers! –Very well done



Video 1 in Montréal Illuminati 2013 serie.
Video 1 in sweet toughts format.
Date of filming : 06-03-12

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