ISIS vs Al-Qaïda

Sep 30 2014 16:12 @patlalrique

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#ISIS and Al-Qaida have multiple similitudes but are not the same. And that’s exactly the purpose. To plant confusion in the public’s mind. They are different but have goals in common and similar origins.

ISIS can be called under different names: ISIS, ISIL, Islamic State, DAESH.

But the big difference is that #ISIS is a creature that has raised by itself and seems more or less under control, while Al-Qaida is an anonymous group, used by many intelligence agencies around the world. It’s a ghost group; it exists more or less.

ISIS is highly funded by grabs of oil rigs revenue and taxes on controlled region. Some ISIS militants could be under intel agencies payroll.

Al-Qaida would be mainly financed by governments as tool devices.

In conclusion, be aware that terrorism needs money to survive (they dont have a day job) so you want to know where the money comes from.

Very good article on how indirect actions from the US lead to more terrorism in the region.

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