2015 year of the resistance to the nwo

Jan 30 2015 16:07 @patlalrique

new world order 2015

2015 is just here now… 1 month already passed in 2015 and we can expect lots of event coming up!

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Back to school 2014 gave us hints of what we should expect from 2015… Since the NWO activation that occured on December 21st 2012, the illuminati went in overdrive mode as global knowledge of their plans and maneuvers is on the rise.


They understood that and they want to respond accordingly: promoting false informations and confusing theories from their gatekeepers and others… And by launching numerous news outlets to grab the narrative.


Time to regroup and reinforce the barrage we make to the bilderbergers,the freemasons and the power that be.


http://news.yahoo.com/armed-man-overpowered-dutch-national-broadcaster-report-195017203.html – He might have pulled that stuff to be accepted in his school ivy league society. Ironically, the freemasons, the illuminati and the conspiracy theories he would have wanted to denounce is in fact in total harmony with the concept of college secret societies…


http://www.livemint.com/Opinion/N1yZvykfgLK1vncC4tQujP/A-new-world-order.html – The illuminatis are effectively crippling dissident countries like Russia, Nigeria and Venezuela, while boosting the Zombie USA and they new boy on the block, India.


After a calculated crash in 2007-08, the New World Order is ready again to complete another economic manipulation in 2015.
Hang on to your teeth and prepare yourself!


Justin Bieber, Rihanna, beyoncé and jay Z, from the nwo or new world order, think they are illuminatis, but patlalrique says kanye west and katy perry are not even close.


Video 4 in sweet toughts format.
Date of filming : 07-08-13

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