A Megaupload’s Former Programmer Pleads Guilty

Feb 16 2015 17:37 @patlalrique

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If you have been following news about illegal downloading, [inlinetweet prefix=”@patlalrique” tweeter=”” suffix=””]you probably heard of Kim Dotcom and his feud with the US government[/inlinetweet]. Dotcom is the creator of former website Megaupload, a once very popular file-sharing site that got closed down in 2012. Since then, Kim Dotcom has been relentlessly chased by the US Department of Justice, as they want to make an exemple out of him.
The NWO doesn’t like too much capable people that think for themselves and can actually gather attention and most importanly, funds. The point here is not finding an excuse for Dotcom former piracy activities, but pointing out that the way the US government handle a case like this is questionable in term of individual liberties.
Let’s just say that if Dotcom was a American national, he would been thrown in jail for long already. Dotcom is German, and was living in New-Zealand at the time of his arrest. That’s why the US DOJ has such troubles prosecuting him, as his case is pretty complex, involving extraditing persons and identifying activities in several locations. Nonetheless, The US government is determined to prosecute him no matter what.
Their last move was to pressure a former Megaupload coder to sign a guilty plea so he can move on after his jail time. They exploited Andrus Nomm’s fragile economical situation by harassing him to sign what they wanted him to sign. The plea is mostly a sham. The DOJ is cleary losing its fight with Dotcom who outsmarted them, so they had to find a way to demonstrate they gained a little victory, just so they don’t look too bad. And that way they can put more pressure on Dotcom and on the New Zealand’s government.
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When you think about all the justice system’s problems in the US, you start to wonder if there’s no other things the DOJ could do with the taxpayer money rather than prosecuting a hacker. In fact, for whom they really are working for is a legitimate question anyone is allowed to ask. #KimDotcom

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