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Twitter ‘While You Were Away’ Rolling out on Androids Apps

Feb 25 2015 23:57 @patlalrique

twitter while you were away android app phone
[inlinetweet prefix=”@patlalrique” tweeter=”” suffix=””]The update management system front of the social network war between Twitter and Facebook has taken new highs![/inlinetweet]
Twitter’s new feature ‘While You Were Away’, available since a few weeks on Twitter for iOS, made its apparition on the Android platform this week.
The update system based on chronological timeline that Twitter counted on has been replaced by a more Facebook-like feed displaying results from preferences, tweet engagement and users habits. The similarity with the newsfeed algorythm puts Twitter in fierce competition with Facebook in the way social networks manage updates.
According to product manager Paul Rosania, The handling of updates will be based on the using habits of users. Twitter will take into account how often you log in and how you use your time on the network, Rosania wrote in a blog post about on Wednesday.

Since the feature can’t be turned off, Twitter is very well advise to make sure it doesn’t become an intrusive problem for users.
While this move demonstrates Twitter’s clear new approach that diverges from the real-time updates that seduced many internet users in the first place, the company says they don’t want to let down that feature and will keep focusing on it.

twitter while you were away android smart phone

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