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The Videotron Center and CERN connection

Jun 19 2017

The main theme they had in minds for that gigantic work? CERN’s large hadron collider

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A future culture of affordability… or not

Jun 18 2017

Just recently, Ontario’s Prime Minister Kathleen Wynne announced the Canadian province would progressively hike the minimum wage to make it reach 15 dollars an hour by 2019, a quite hasty agenda according to experts

2017, It’s fudge time!

Jun 18 2017

So yeah Trump fudged… but I don’t really think it matters, the point was to broadcast a revolutionary platform. Never in the past a presidential candidate has been so far against the establishment

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Next Bilderberg meeting will greet two influential Canadians

Jun 1 2017

Time are changing. Proof, media are reporting these days that Michel Sabias, President of the Caisses de depot du Quebec, and Bill Morneau, liberal Minister currently in office, would attend the unfamous Bilderberg meeting,