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New NSA Spying Program Revealed

Feb 17 2015

spying old email 1986 law nsa 180 days

You and your Old Emails Are Cool with the US Government

Feb 12 2015

  [inlinetweet prefix=”@patlalrique” tweeter=”” suffix=””]The US governement can […]

dark web deep web darpa memex tor

DARPA Takes on the Dark Web with MEMEX

Feb 11 2015

  A science data project from the Defense […]

gchq antenna station uk

Shared NSA and CGHQ data harvesting and interception illegal in UK

Feb 8 2015

    Procedures from [inlinetweet prefix=”@patlalrique” tweeter=”” suffix=””] […]

Deep Web or Dark Web?

Apr 30 2014

        The Internet is a […]

Snapchat how-to

Feb 12 2014

    This video is about how the […]