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centre videotron patlalrique

The Videotron Center and CERN connection

Jun 19 2017

The main theme they had in minds for that gigantic work? CERN’s large hadron collider

japan dollarama

A future culture of affordability… or not

Jun 18 2017

Just recently, Ontario’s Prime Minister Kathleen Wynne announced the Canadian province would progressively hike the minimum wage to make it reach 15 dollars an hour by 2019, a quite hasty agenda according to experts

2017, It’s fudge time!

Jun 18 2017

So yeah Trump fudged… but I don’t really think it matters, the point was to broadcast a revolutionary platform. Never in the past a presidential candidate has been so far against the establishment

westfields marriot hotel washington dulles chantilly virginia bilderberg

Next Bilderberg meeting will greet two influential Canadians

Jun 1 2017

Time are changing. Proof, media are reporting these days that Michel Sabias, President of the Caisses de depot du Quebec, and Bill Morneau, liberal Minister currently in office, would attend the unfamous Bilderberg meeting,

bridge unachived

Syria, North Korea, Economy: chain of events is escalating Quickly

Apr 21 2017

Trump has made several moves and declarations that quite changed the world’s geo-political portrait

wef world economic forum davos 2017

Elites are Looking Attentively to get Citizens’ Take

Feb 11 2017

A globalist meetings where the powerful gather to give hints about what they have in mind concerning the future

Fired from a St-Hubert restaurant for having breastfed her 43 years old son!

What is the Journal de Mourreal?

Jul 13 2016

  The Journal de Mourreal is a satire […]

watch the new world order and illuminati movie flag lite

The New World Order and the illuminati Agenda

May 22 2016

I edited this video for your viewing pleasure and to give a batch of good information about globalism and the New World Order

twitter while you were away android smart phone

Twitter ‘While You Were Away’ Rolling out on Androids Apps

Feb 25 2015

  [inlinetweet prefix=”@patlalrique” tweeter=”” suffix=””]The update management system […]


Feb 22 2015

kim dotcom andrus nomm megaupload

A Megaupload’s Former Programmer Pleads Guilty

Feb 16 2015

  If you have been following news about […]

spying old email 1986 law nsa 180 days

You and your Old Emails Are Cool with the US Government

Feb 12 2015

  [inlinetweet prefix=”@patlalrique” tweeter=”” suffix=””]The US governement can […]

dark web deep web darpa memex tor

DARPA Takes on the Dark Web with MEMEX

Feb 11 2015

  A science data project from the Defense […]

gchq antenna station uk

Shared NSA and CGHQ data harvesting and interception illegal in UK

Feb 8 2015

    Procedures from [inlinetweet prefix=”@patlalrique” tweeter=”” suffix=””] […]

android malware google

Million of Android Devices would be Infected by Malwares

Feb 4 2015

    The explosion of mobile devices in […]

syrian rebel allepo 2012

Syrian rebels dumbly fall for hackers impersonating hot chicks and get cracked honeypot style

Feb 3 2015

    Internet has always been a place […]

new world order 2015

2015 year of the resistance to the nwo

Jan 30 2015

  2015 is just here now… 1 month […]

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Jan 30 2015

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Jan 30 2015

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Jan 30 2015

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snoden canada spy agency

Important informations released about state of surveillance in Canada

Jan 28 2015

  The intercept magazine reported today important informations […]

irak american soldier 1990

Gulf War 1, first war of phase 1 of the New World Order

Jan 17 2015

  Gulf War 1, first major conflict of […]