irak american soldier 1990

Gulf War 1, first war of phase 1 of the New World Order

Jan 17 2015

  Gulf War 1, first major conflict of […]

ISIS flag guns

ISIS vs Al-Qaïda

Sep 30 2014

  #ISIS and Al-Qaida have multiple similitudes but […]

Iran Islamic Revolution 1979

Iran 1979 Revolution is 35 Years Old

Aug 31 2014

      Nowdays Iranians and others are […]

netherland night dawn

New Resistance Front from the Netherland

Aug 31 2014

Because the good news are pilling up these […]

freemasons illuminati phillipines

The real face of freemasonery

Apr 30 2014

      This photo gives you what […]

Hippie life hacks

Feb 12 2014

    It is possible to find natural […]

Why JAPAN is WAY better than us

Feb 3 2014

        #Japan had always projected […]

Japan hot-blooded coup

Feb 1 2014

    Posted on Youtube by elite group […]

World’s elite wants to finish off #Syria once and for all in #2014

Jan 24 2014

        Their plans was to […]

Detroit #nwo blueprint for a ”city of doom”

Jan 23 2014

Detroit will be used as a laboratory in the #nwo. The bankruptcy will only be a mean to pumps up more wealth to the elites. Detroit will be revived from his dust. The elites are jubilating.