The silly new world order


Posted on July 3rd 2015
Beginning of New orientation implementation. Thorough Rehearsal
method and long read post privileged.
Posted on April 3rd 2015
Deployment of new categories. Retirement of many categories.
Post associated reassigned to new categories.
Posted on July 3rd 2014
Website orientation to be rethinked.
Until then irregular posting and testing in progress.
Thanks for your patience.
Come again
Posted on March 1st 2014
New content categories to be added. New content curation
integration to nwonotepad. Estimated date of full
implementation: March 3rd.
Update Feb 4th, 2014
Nwonotepad officially launched Feb 4th, 2014.
Update Feb 1st 2014
Estimated date of launch: Feb 4th.
Posted on Jan 1st 2014
Site opening : Dec 30th, 2014. has just been opened : please come again for updates!