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Million of Android Devices would be Infected by Malwares

Posted on 04 February 2015 by @patlalrique


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The explosion of mobile devices in circulation in the last decade brought along its lot of virus and malware. Android, being in part open source and adopted by many phone makers, has become an attractive targets for hackers, spammers and crackers.

The popular mobile operating system from Google has now a new problem: applications in the Google Play Store that pose as legitimate apps but are vehicule for spamming and hacking. The issue is that these softwares ability to conceil themselves in the store as good apps and subsequently slip through Google quality control screening.

android malware google
Avast broke the news yesterday and published an article. Avast would have alerted Google, saying that one of the identified problematic app could have been downloaded between 5 and 10 million times.

The guilty app Durak, looked like it was a perfectly normal app. But after a reboot and a couple days wait, you could tell there was something wrong with your phone. Some apps could wait 30 days before showing their true colors. This is classical trick, and the user can very well forget about the app, so it become harder to be identified and removed.

One of the interesting questions coming with that story is why doing creating these apps and breaching trust?

Because the internet has become a race to get traffic or users. Most mobile application usage are from the big boys like Facebook, Apple, Google and so on. A tiny fraction of user attention (really, that’s the currency we are talking here) is left to be shared with the rest of the studios and software companies. Some could be tempted to use that scheme for financial gain.

Thus it’s not surprising to see that type of software designed to spam and collect data emerging. What is surprising is that they were allowed to reach the million downloads.

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