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Next Bilderberg meeting will greet two influential Canadians

Posted on 01 June 2017 by @patlalrique


Bilderbergers will be at the Westfields Marriott Hotel in Chantilly, Virginia

Bilderbergers will be at the Westfields Marriott Hotel in Chantilly, Virginia

Time are changing. Proof, media are reporting these days that Michel Sabias, President of the Caisse de dépot du Quebec, and Bill Morneau, Canadian minister currently in office, would attend the unfamous Bilderberg meeting, where very influent people from all spheres of life go to discuss topics that they deem important.
In other times this would have slept under the radar. A little printed article here and there in small non-national publications and that would be it. Most information then came from alternative media sources.
Elites don’t want the public to know too much that a great deal of powerful people gather privately in a remote place because of the obvious ethical problems that this set-up creates. These meetings used to be ultra-secret. Now most major Canadian publications are reporting about it.
But there is now this weird contrast. Bilderberg and other same type of meetings has become increasingly more known to the public in recent years while general policies from sitting governments are becoming more and more opaque and non-transparent. I think these two facts are definitely related
Morneau and Sabias will have to show commitment to the cause. Bilderbergers have a globalisation agenda and people invited to the meeting are to be audited first by the senior attendees to see if they are enough in tune with the Bilderberg requirements.
Critics of people highlighting Bilderberg meetings ethic problems will say that that these conspiracy theorists cannot come to any conclusion just because the meeting is private. But I would say it is more than private, it is secret, guarded by heavy security, with no input from the public whatsoever.
If nothing wrong is happening here, then why not allowing public platform to bring an input to the topics being discussed there? Maybe it’s because it’s hard to come up with a real definition of what the Bilderbergers are doing in the first place. So creating public forums would be hard when we don’t really know what we should talk about precisely or what is the real hidden agenda here.
The Bilderbergs
And most likely, it’s probably because elites are not congregating in a reunion like this to be embarrassed by regular people opinions of what they should aim to accomplish with the world. They actually want to get away from that as they consider the standard human being to be closed and unwilling to embrace the global agenda, and to be a stop to change, change that is, according to these powerful people, most needed. They don’t want our inputs, they don’t value them at all.
And by nature it’s impossible to take billion of people talking together and get a consensus out of it. Important political decisions, that have real and important impact on people’s lives, have historically often been taken by a tiny minority. That’s our democratic system. That the ways of a country run by a strongman. That’s how it works in enterprises, schools, churches, etc…
But I reject this idea in part. It’s possible to find solutions. More samplings that are representative of the human population diversity could bring up alternative opinions through forums and summits. I think the pulse should be taken and added to the discussion. Heck, we could even find better solutions through this way than the ones the elites are pushing.
The elites are savvy. With the Big data, they think now that they actually have the pulse of the people through all the calculations that can be made now out of the gigantic amount of information people produce elctronically everyday, everywhere in the world. They don’t need a direct input since they have access to all the data.
But it’s not the same. I this case, the human population is being surveyed but without it’s knowledge, or consent. These data we produce can even allow to know people more things about them that they already know themselves. But it will never be the same than to ask directly people that are willing to help what should we do to get to go in the right direction for our future.

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Illuminati Poseur Mag Initiati Jumping on the illuminati Bandwagon

Posted on 30 April 2014 by @patlalrique



Illuminati poseur mag Initiati jumping on the illuminati bandwagon





Since 2012, the concept of illuminati has become a new trend, something that has been linked by mainstream media solely to the celebrities and hence has been described as an entertainment industry thing. #nwo

There was 2 goals to be achieved by the elites with this scheme : first, initiating the masses with the knowledge that there is indeed a conspiracy. And they did so in such a way that the general public wouldn’t understand it, would associate any idea of a conspiracy with the extravagances of the celebrities in the music, movie and socialite universe. #illuminatis

So the result is that they have informed us (it was very important for them that they actually tell us their plans, it’s part of their believes) and that most people are now more confused about the conncept of the illuminati and the existence of a conspiracy.

More video will be posted about the illuminati topic so stay tuned, subscribe and come back! Thank you! nwonotepad.com – Visit and share! – Original work by patlalrique, Peace!

http://hollywoodlife.com/2014/04/06/jay-z-five-percent-nation-chain-controversy-whites-are-devils/comment-page-2/#comment-3447552 : The illuminatis trail goes way beyond this. How deep the rabbit hole goes?

http://gothamist.com/2014/04/06/jay_z_wears_controversial_medallion.php : 2012 was the year they revealed some part of the conspiracy to us… Part of this was done by using celebrities to carry out those insight to the general public in a way that the whole thing would be considered extravagant and limited to the music industry. Confining the illuminati concept being only a celebrity thing is a good way to attract attention away of the real deal actually.


Justin Bieber, Rihanna, beyoncé and jay Z, from the nwo or new world order, think they are illuminatis, but patlalrique says kanye west and katy perry are not even close. nwonotepad nwopad  


Video 2 in illuminati 2014 serie.
Video 1 simply watch format.
Date of filming : 05-19-2013

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