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Deep Web or Dark Web?

Posted on 30 April 2014 by @patlalrique

deep web dark web iceberg
The Internet is a large place, so logically some areas are less visible than others, just like an highway bridge is a very frequented place and that underneath it is visited by very few people.
Some argue that the Deep Web is mostly information already available to the public, but what it is exactly? The most mentioned aspect of the Deep Web is that it contains information not indexed by search engines. Some are more specific and say it must also be protected by a password.
deep web dark web shallow
What about unsecured information available when it shouldn’t be? We can add to information available on websites that rank very low on Google and other SE. After all, what good is indexed information when you can’t see it through the giant melting pot that is the Internet. But the information available on the Deep Web is generally speaking what cannot be found by search engines.
Another thing we see in tech media is the tendency to assimilate the Deep Web with the Dark Web. Effectively, they often talk about both and confounding them with each-others.
In reality, the big difference is the Dark Web is intentionally hidden, and that you need a specific set of application to access it. The Dark Web would be a small part of the overall Deep Web.
This is a very superficial recap. Others describe pretty well what the Dark Web and Deep Web contain exactly elsewhere on the Internet. More general info here.

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