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Elites are Looking Attentively to get Citizens’ Take

Posted on 11 February 2017 by @patlalrique

davos vintage world economic forum
This is kinda old news but I’d like to talk about a news article from January that does a recap of the last World Economic Forum held in Davos the same month.
I like these type of globalist meetings where the influencers and powerful gather to give hints about current state of affairs and what they have in mind concerning the future.
world economic forum 2017 in davos
Contrarily to the general negative feeling from most people when they look at these gatherings I think you can get a lot of positive aspects out of them as many things discussed there are very interesting. It is also a good opportunity to understand where global governance aims to bring us.
In the article a part of a special report is quoted and speaks about the perception from the elites that regular citizens all around the world are driving a fundamental change in politics.
2016 is a year where nations from the west did unexpected political choices, like the Brexit in England and the election of Donald Trump in the United States:
The highest-profile signs of disruption may have come in western countries (…) but across the globe there is evidence of a growing backlash against elements of the domestic and international status quo
Maybe it feels awkward for some influential personalities but government are supposed to reflect in their actions the choices of the people, not feeling sorry to hear dissatisfaction about their current policies.
By working to make converge every country’s interests in a single global governance (in a set of many general globalist projects) they have created a genuine movement composed of many different people wanting to keep their national identity and sovereignty, among others.
Klaus Schwab, none other than the founder of the World Economic Forum, added in the 2017 report:
The year 2017 will present a pivotal moment for the global community. The threat of a less cooperative, more inward-looking world also creates the opportunity to address global risks and the trends that drive them.”
In this extract it is becoming clear the global governance is seeing a setback in their agenda: significant gains have been made by what constitutes the opposition to this new order. Political, societal, technological and cultural gains.
But what make people give opposition to the global agenda the WEF is contributing to develop? According to past politicians and actors of global changes, the public, who usually reject change, would eventually come to see the benefits of globalisation and new governance after many years of implementation.
But, even if we could say this idea of a New World Order is dating back a long time ago, globalisation didn’t really became mainstream before the 80’s, and the idea of active global changes in legislations and geopolitic being put in place was something that become very prevalent in the mid 90’s
So after about 20 years of implementation in an integrated ”Global World”, the community itself is admitting that the citizens are not agreeing with these new changes in their way of life, their standard of living, their culture, their economy, etc.
It was predicted by the same people that inequalities in between people would rise, and despite them thinking it would be possible to keep it under control so they could proceed with their agenda, it seems they are having problems holding their plans together as they are reminded by concrete results in real life. Important political results, specifically.
You can also find the complete report on the WEF’s website.

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World’s elite wants to finish off #Syria once and for all in #2014

Posted on 24 January 2014 by @patlalrique

Their plans was to have Syria demolished by the end of 2012. But since #Assad and #Putin won’t let it go, the elites have been slapped in the face and slammed down with their crooked schemes.
They then went back in their #batcaves in 2013 to figure out a way to screw things differently by the summer in order to develop a new scenario for #Syria. They came close to remix the troubles but failed again in october, thwarted by Putin.
Switzerland Davos Kerry
But now it is enough: they won’t stand anymore such unsubmissive behavior and they made a pledge to get over with Syria in 2014. Indeed, the Syria havoc was supposed to last a year or two maximum, but now it is completing his third year and things look ugly for the globalist. They look like a bunch of fools in front of the multipolarers.

Bashar al-Assad cannot be part of that future” –Kerry

The 2014 world economic forum is now an good occasion for them to reassess the urgent need to clinch an Empire footstep in #Syria. It is with
It’s with the theme ” remodeling the world ” that WEF founder Klaus Schwab wanted the world’s cream reunion to take place.
It is under a very significant theme that this meeting is occuring. The Empire totally messed up the Syria file in 2012 and in 2013, They certainly don’t want to be ridiculized in 2014 again.

cameron - syria

Cameron on the #Syria case.


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