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A future culture of affordability… or not

Posted on 18 June 2017 by @patlalrique

Ameya Yokocho dollarama
Just recently, Ontario’s Prime Minister Kathleen Wynne announced the Canadian province would progressively hike the minimum wage to make it reach 15 dollars an hour by 2019, a quite hasty agenda according to experts.
While the debate whether minimum wage is beneficial or counter-productive to the economy is raging, we can’t overlook the fact that a minimum hour salary is having a modifying effect on the labor market and the economy.
The question is not whether we need a floor to hourly wage, but rather how a balance can be achieved to get the right amount to benefit the workers and to avoid damaging the economy.
After all, if the logic was simply to unilaterally rise wages to enrich everybody, we would have done it long ago and we would just have to rise it to 25$ an hour, problem fixed.
But obviously, it’s more complicated than that: whose gonna pay? The system is already leveraged to the max, there is not that much room to extract the extra sums required. From corporate to small businesses and entrepreneurs, everybody is squeezed. Of course, there is always areas that do better than other, but we are in a competition economy, aren’t we? The benefit margin are hard to extend. Hence the problem with rising minimum wage.
To increase wage, we need to increase productivity. Salaries must be submitted to market logic as well, meaning that a discovery process must find the right amount for remuneration for each jobs. That’s in a real free market economy. While we still have many free market regulated prices, in many areas, governments, corporations and lobbies have worked really hard for the last decades to get our economy away from a free market, to get an advantage from the ordinary citizens.
But the main point of the article is to point out the news that Dollarama is profiting from this economy in Canada, and that it is ready to pay the wage increase, as long as its competitors have to do it as well.
Talk to me about this, a company that is so confident about its future business that it is welcoming an increase in the minimum wage, instead of warning about a whole lot of closure like Couche-Tard has publicly stated. Well, not exactly welcoming, but Dollarama is saying ”Ok no problems, we’re ready to take on the market”.
boat freight dollarama cheap goods
The 20% surging profit means that more people went spending in-store and that regular customers spended more. Of course news article are focusing on the regulars that got out of a Dollarama with bigger orders, but a surge in profit of this amplitude surely means new people went shopping to the franchise.
So now, it is a good thing? With very low unemployement rates in Canada and the U.S., how come more people went in a discount store like Dollarama? Some would argue that since the economy is getting better, more people spend in stores and Dollarama is benefiting from that. But the problem is that’s not what the data are showing. If you look into the news you will quickly find that thousands of retail locations are closing in the U.S. and Canada, when it’s not entire chain like Payless Shoes who’ve been around for ages, that are going into bankruptcy.
So it is fair statement to say that people in North America are not spending more in retail, and it is my guest that Dollarama has converted many people into customers because of the low prices. Instead of shopping at places where the margin for everyday products is higher they go to the 1 dollar store.
cheap goods dollarama
There is many product of first necessity available that a one dollar store can substitute to a cheaper version. A lot of companies in the Fortune 500 produce goods of first necessity that have a steady and stable demand. A good example would be Procter and Gamble or Kraft. In economic downturns people tend to seek better deals and wants to extract value as much as possible. This isn’t good news for these large corporations.
Furthermore, should we worry about the economy that discount stores are predicting in coming years that business will be so good they’ll be able to afford doing it paying their employees 15$ an hour?
Another factor that is a canary in the coal mine is the quantity of shopping mails that are in difficulty/closing down in North America. The situation is less dire in Canada, where commercial space market is not as crazy as in the U.S., but many American mail properties have been in financial turmoils since a little while now. In Canada, the housing market is the primary source of worries, although that component could also come to contaminate the commercial space market.
For me there is no need to over worry-about people going less to the mail, if anything it is a good thing in many regards, but with the article I want to point out the deconnection in between official economic data and reality.
A downturn in consumer spending is pretty inconvenient in our ”New Economy”. A service economy is not going well if retails is not going well. But our politicians want to keep going with the recovery narrative. Their logic is that things will get better and that negativity is not going to help.
Conclusion is, by doing so their are clouding reality. Everybody hopes for a happy ending, but it’s generaly not that easy. Be prepared.

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2017, It’s fudge time!

Posted on 18 June 2017 by @patlalrique

A cake with fudge
So yeah Trump fudged… but I don’t really think it matters, the point was to broadcast a revolutionary platform. Never in the past a presidential candidate has been so far against the establishment
Okay, things didn’t turned out the way people thought they would, but the project was the important part. Like many have said, ”This movement is bigger than Trump”. Now whether we can convert that into real results remain to be seen.
Trump might have dialled back on certain issues but I am sure if will still put forward many good things.
And the fudging hasn’t been done solely by politicians, but by the opposing camp against the President: Democrats, celebrities, leftists, supporters and voters who clearly cannot handle the final result of the election. In this case fudging is used to point out the people melting down on Trump, in a similar way than fudge bars sitting in the hot summer sun.
A meltdown rendered possible first by deception from the media that aired a Clinton victory narrative 24/7 for months before November, and by the astonishing win of a pirate candidate that consequently projected back in their face all the establishment’s lies, manipulations and non-sense with the help of a clear and efficient platform. A new term is born: Snowflake!
I like to see all these people, among them leaders like celebrities, pop-music artists, high-profile scientists, media faces and other famous people, wanting to ban Trump. I’ll tell you what they are: agents of the current system; auxiliairies of the banks, pawns of the New World Order, cultural Marxist promoters, etc…
These people, let me laugh… They claim to have the best interest of regular citizens at heart yet they completely live outside the economic constraints that most people have to take into account. Hahaha, this isn’t a joke, that’s a gigantic farce. A simple look in the mirror will eventually make people realise they weren’t self-aware of the dupping. Just wait for the Big Reset to come out.
No hard feelings, most figureheads opposing Trump are very wealthy and famous people and they have, obviously, an interest to keep things going.
In fact, most people have an interest to keep things going, it’s just that the economic system isn’t sustainable. Even if they try as hard as they can to save it in the background they know it is designed to fail. If you create debt you need to pay it back. The fact they are actually planning to go even further into debt, because we can’t just pay it anyway, is a good reason alone to believe the system is designed to crash.
If you really want to be ”the resistance”:
try to go after the banks; tell our governments to stop supporting government agencies and their proxies in their plans to destroy Syria and Irak; point out the paradox of having no free media in the west as their are owned by tiny special interest groups; oppose the complete financialisation of our economies that gives us a world where numbers on a computer matter more than actual real work and real matter; look into all the neocon think-tanks, liberal groups and oligarchic institutions that deeply want to change our civilisation behind closed doors; find out that most problems we have are created by the current system and that the ones who claim they want to change it are actually part and profiting from it; look how our governments are spending money that becomes huge debts for future generations without any credible plan to get out of that situation while politicians are saying ”everything is fine, we’re in a recovery”…
Maybe this could be the start to do something and agree on solutions…
Sometimes I look at the current political situation and I am wondering if anything is real anymore, it’s like mind-blowing how everything is upside down. It doesn’t make any sense. Since when people are suffering from such a colossal stockholm syndrome?
 melted fudge in a bowl
Well I guess there is Twitter and then there is real life. Some people seems to be confusing both… That’s the final boss who must be laughing; he found an easily manipulable and critical mass of people to do the dirty chores for him. He must be folded in half watching Youtube.
All these poor people demonising Trump and many others while the true source of structural problems is our social, economical and cultural system.
Whereas I, my reaction to this is a mixture of disappointment, annoyance and sadness.
Look, the Globalists took over the narrative in the last hundred years and our lives are pretty much a reality they created.
I will not say everything is bad in our system. But in many strategic areas in it malfunctioning because it has been distorted to serve the wishes of an ever-shrinking oligarchic elite.

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Syria, North Korea, Economy: chain of events is escalating Quickly

Posted on 21 April 2017 by @patlalrique

tsx toronto economy economic collapse
The news have been really busy in the last few weeks and a detailled recap would be useful. Trump has made several moves and declarations that quite changed the world’s geo-political portrait. Many things can be said.
The situation of Syria, where the government is in a deadlock in a proxy war against foreign sponsored jihadi groups, has quickly changed when Trump ordered the the bombing of the Khan Sheikhoun military base just out of Homs.
Since the U.S. contacted the Russians (and de facto the Syrians) to warn them beforehand they would bomb a specific target in Syria, the situation has not really worsened, unless it is taken in conjonction with all the war threats floating around these days.
The Syrians were also aware through Russia they would be hit by a strike and had plenty of time to move their plane out of harm’s way. The military base wasn’t of real strategic importance, except to allow plane to operate in the region, which according to reports they were able to do little time after the U.S. Tomahawk strike.
Sure, just few days ago, Trump administration was still saying that the departure of Bachar al-Assad wasn’t a priority and should be decided by the Syrians, so it is quite a u-turn in term of communication. But Trump hasn’t been elected to conduct the same policy than Obama, so for now we can expect the President to take decisions that will make his stance on Syria different from the one promoted by the establishment.
Still, Trump’s surprise navy strike on Syria created lots of tensions internationally and sent a big wave of uncertainty on what was a situation where the Assad Government were slowy but surely winning the war and reinstateing stability in the country while the United States were slowly disengaging. Now with the U.S. double stance (listen to Nickki Hailey versus Rex Tillerson), it’s hard to guest what will happen in Syria.
North Korea
North Korea is in the eye of the Trump administration. It’s open defiance on the world scene and it’s government obscur schemes made them part of Trump’s policy on China.
For a long time the U.S. hasn’t directly adressed the situation of the Korean Peninsula to avoid interfering with business with china and have limited their actions against North Korea to economic sanctions.
These sanctions are very nefarious for the economy of this isolated country. Thus, the North Korean Regime is putting more pressure on other nations on the international scene by openly threatening to bomb America’s most important cities.
Since that Trump made it really clear he was targeting North Korea’s missile program, the regime announced they would accelarate the schedule of missile tests, taking the same hard stance than in the past.
I don’t know what Trump’s plan is, but I wouldn’t expect North Korea to do anything differently than they always did. That’s what make them diffficult to deal with in the first place and why Obama wasn’t interested to meddle with it. We need to ask ourselves who are the North Koreans?
Obviously North Korea is part of a bigger plan. Trump is putting lots of pressure on world’s politics by going on the edge of war. Even if war is not the main goal of the operation, we have just seen the world leaning toward it a whole lot more. I hope it’s worth it. I guest you don’t risk nuclear war for nothing.
The Economy
economic base jump economy
Globally, the economy is not in a really good shape. Western economies, that is Europe and North America, are showing very visible signs of weakness and could meet a difficult 2017 year in a culmination of 16 years or 4 presidential mandates of easy fiscal policies for the financial system.
The Fed is currently tightening but it will surely be too little too late, or to slow, anyway. The U.S. central Bank has no choice to proceed carefully and slowly with the hardening of economic policies to prevent the creation of a disrupting event that would blow the house of cards away.
The Fed knows it has created an highly unusual economic set-up and doesn’t want to trigger an event that could send the economy into turmoil, although that option seems to become now inevitable. The is now more a question of when, although the Globalists could find a new way to make it last even more years.
(Edit: I’ve heard interesting theories that the Fed wants to crash the economy and then blame Trump, and that the President knows it needs to crash and is trying to do a soft ‘landing’)
The 2008 economic crisis was never properly adressed and fixed, Obama didn’t want to be considered the bad economy President, then he became the debt President. He allowed the music to keep playing and the big banks to keep doing exactly what they were doing prior-crisis. More complex financial products and other type of derivatives are being traded and filled with government easy-money than before.
For the last 16 years the Fed’s accomodating policy and the 0-1% interrest rate have make really hard the funding of pensions and retirement funds. Low rates mean no return on borrowing, and it become then harder for funds to have interesting returns for their invested money at low-risk, pushing them to buy more risky products to get portfolio performance.
To put it that way the structural problems that created the last economic crisis events, most recently the 2008 US housing crisis and the 2001 dot-com bubble, are still here and will again trigger major economic events that will impact our way of life, the western standards of living.
Since pretty much every countries on earth has a central bank that looks closely at the U.S. Federal Reserve behavior, policies and handling of the economy to take their own decisions and also end up emulating most of it’s loose policies, everyone on earth is ought to start worrying.
asia economy debt problem
Asia, althought it is still probably the best place globally to find real economic growth, as opposed a to our western nations, is also in the sovereign debt train. A train which has become global.

As Bloomberg reports, Asian economy carry quite a lot of debts and the tightening of interest rates by the Fed will increase the cost for servicing their debts.

”The debt binge is spread across companies, banks, governments and households and is inflating bubbles in everything from the price of steel rebar in Shanghai to property prices in Sydney. As the Federal Reserve raises borrowing costs, that means debt is again a concern”

Korean Officials are worried about the rates of Korea’s household debts of 1,344.3 trillion won ($1.2 US trillion), most of it in mortgages and ready to default with rates that are programmed to rise in the coming year and the Fed aiming at a 3% rate in 2019.

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Detroit #nwo blueprint for a ”city of doom”

Posted on 23 January 2014 by @patlalrique

Detroit will be used as a laboratory in the #nwo. The bankruptcy will only be a mean to pumps up more wealth to the elites. After the storm, the good time. #Detroit will be revived from his dust. The elites are jubilating.

detroit courage

Detroit now rely on hard work and heating oil

In fact, this city will be a good havoc-meter to see the result of the politics coming from them. They are directly responsable for what happen to this city and are watching what is going on with a lot of satisfaction. It should be clear now for the rest of the world. Everybody realize the nature of this controlled demolition.
The elites like when a city become abandonned, defectuous, but with gigantic masonic buildings that are in contrast well maintained for the elites. It fits with their movie script from the films they do in Hollywood.
A city where there is poverty and criminality (blade runner scenario), with simple people trying to survive beside the ultra-rich powerful.
detroit city

Detroit will revive like a phoenix

The juggernaut bankruptcy allowed the phoenix rebirth of #Detroit. They like to erase something and start back from scratches with the recuperated assets. There is a dynamic realty scene with companies constructing new buildings for the rich while the abandonned houses and lots are acquired by the state and federal governments.
Officials say that bankruptcy should has been filled years before. Instead, the agony was prolonged because of the lack of courage of civil servants who wasn’t up to do the damage control required for the good of the city. The illuminatis couldn’t be more happier to see their plans turning out to be a large, controlled and slow demolition of the city.
baltimore maryland

Baltimore could collapse

According to some report the city of Baltimore could be next to be sent to the municipal meat-grinder. And it’s nothing. Jefferson County in Alabama has been sorted out and Long Island State is in big trouble.
It is up for the courageous citizens of Detroit to develop skills and associate in order to claim their share. There is room for everyone when one is willing to fight for it.
An ultra-futuristic project from our ”elite” and managed for all the glory of the new world order!


detroit michigan

Hard working Detroit

Beware the nwo is watching our cities.
detroit center

Nwo is watching







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