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Japan hot-blooded coup

Posted on 01 February 2014 by @patlalrique

Posted on Youtube by elite group Carnegie Council for Ethics in International affairs on January 2sd, 2014. Author Eri Hotta talks about the Japanese military coup in the 30’s perpetrated by hot-blooded middle-rank officers, more radical than their superior.
This video is interesting because it adresses a little-known fact about human. Usually, in a chain of command, it is the higher intermediate of the chain who gives an army his strentgh and virility. They hold enough executive power and field authority to influence the ruling officer. The top commanders are not in executive position so they don’t get in touch with what it takes to run an army in the field. They were once but they usually loose it when thy climb to higher ranks. They then rely on lower ranks to take tougher decision. That is why there is so many military coup that have happen troughout history.


Japan army

Japanese soldiers in exercice with US marines

Carnegie youtube CEIA channel here. As well as their website.

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