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Next Bilderberg meeting will greet two influential Canadians

Posted on 01 June 2017 by @patlalrique


Bilderbergers will be at the Westfields Marriott Hotel in Chantilly, Virginia

Bilderbergers will be at the Westfields Marriott Hotel in Chantilly, Virginia

Time are changing. Proof, media are reporting these days that Michel Sabias, President of the Caisse de dépot du Quebec, and Bill Morneau, Canadian minister currently in office, would attend the unfamous Bilderberg meeting, where very influent people from all spheres of life go to discuss topics that they deem important.
In other times this would have slept under the radar. A little printed article here and there in small non-national publications and that would be it. Most information then came from alternative media sources.
Elites don’t want the public to know too much that a great deal of powerful people gather privately in a remote place because of the obvious ethical problems that this set-up creates. These meetings used to be ultra-secret. Now most major Canadian publications are reporting about it.
But there is now this weird contrast. Bilderberg and other same type of meetings has become increasingly more known to the public in recent years while general policies from sitting governments are becoming more and more opaque and non-transparent. I think these two facts are definitely related
Morneau and Sabias will have to show commitment to the cause. Bilderbergers have a globalisation agenda and people invited to the meeting are to be audited first by the senior attendees to see if they are enough in tune with the Bilderberg requirements.
Critics of people highlighting Bilderberg meetings ethic problems will say that that these conspiracy theorists cannot come to any conclusion just because the meeting is private. But I would say it is more than private, it is secret, guarded by heavy security, with no input from the public whatsoever.
If nothing wrong is happening here, then why not allowing public platform to bring an input to the topics being discussed there? Maybe it’s because it’s hard to come up with a real definition of what the Bilderbergers are doing in the first place. So creating public forums would be hard when we don’t really know what we should talk about precisely or what is the real hidden agenda here.
The Bilderbergs
And most likely, it’s probably because elites are not congregating in a reunion like this to be embarrassed by regular people opinions of what they should aim to accomplish with the world. They actually want to get away from that as they consider the standard human being to be closed and unwilling to embrace the global agenda, and to be a stop to change, change that is, according to these powerful people, most needed. They don’t want our inputs, they don’t value them at all.
And by nature it’s impossible to take billion of people talking together and get a consensus out of it. Important political decisions, that have real and important impact on people’s lives, have historically often been taken by a tiny minority. That’s our democratic system. That the ways of a country run by a strongman. That’s how it works in enterprises, schools, churches, etc…
But I reject this idea in part. It’s possible to find solutions. More samplings that are representative of the human population diversity could bring up alternative opinions through forums and summits. I think the pulse should be taken and added to the discussion. Heck, we could even find better solutions through this way than the ones the elites are pushing.
The elites are savvy. With the Big data, they think now that they actually have the pulse of the people through all the calculations that can be made now out of the gigantic amount of information people produce elctronically everyday, everywhere in the world. They don’t need a direct input since they have access to all the data.
But it’s not the same. I this case, the human population is being surveyed but without it’s knowledge, or consent. These data we produce can even allow to know people more things about them that they already know themselves. But it will never be the same than to ask directly people that are willing to help what should we do to get to go in the right direction for our future.

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watch the new world order and illuminati movie flag lite

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The New World Order and the illuminati Agenda

Posted on 22 May 2016 by @patlalrique

Length: 1h08 (one hour eight minutes) – 640×360 resolution – English language – WATCH
I edited this video for your viewing pleasure and to give a batch of good information about globalism and the New World Order. I selected the most important pieces of data and I think the movie is a decent entry-level/intermediary recap on the NWO and the illuminatis. The nwo and iluminati agenda movie.
I deliberately let in some clichés and subjects that most people talk about when they explain the New World Order but that are only making them grazing the surface when they do so. In order to see the big picture, it is essential to enable ourselves to see the issue of globalism from different vintage points.
watch the new world order and illuminati movie
Talking about the NWO without mentioning the religious, cultural and social angles of it is a bit like going fishing and bringing a bucket with an hole in it to put your fish in. It’s OK if you’re just fishing for fun and don’t want to bring anything back, but you won’t have a meal if you can’t keep the fishes you got into your bucket.
For Exemple, to understand how Rockefeller built his empire and why he is an adamant promoter of the New World Order, it is important to look into the flaws of our economic system and into the mechanism Rockefeller used to get in the position he got. His father died in 1937 as the wealthiest man on earth with a gigantic fortune of more than 330 billion of 2007 dollars. Again, this was 1.4 billion of 1937’s money: this fact is mind-blowing, and makes John D. Rockefeller the richest man in U.S. history.
Rockefeller junior inherited this fortune and made it grow even more. Now the Rockefeller estate has been merged with Rothchild’s capital‘s in May 2012 to form an super entity.
Now, what this has to do with what we’re talking?
To make sense of it, we must take a look into the father. Rockefeller Sr mostly built his fortune from oil exploitation in the 19th and 20th century by running the Standard Oil company. Although he was a visionary, did work very hard to construct his empire and greatly contributed to modern capitalism as we know it today, his actions back in the days were as anti-capitalist as they can get.
Rocky Sr spent his life buying and killing other companies that were working in oil to eliminate competition. Not only he did that with oil businesses, but also in sectors related to oil exploitation and oil transport, more precisely train freight. He made sure throughout all his life that Standard Oil would remain the dominating business in oil, if not the sole company in oil business. Rocky Sr has been heard saying things like ”competition is a sin” or ”control everything, own nothing”.
Now that’s pretty much the worst thing you can say about free market. The chant the New World Order advocates and activists are relentlessly singing is nothing more than a call for system where there is privileges and punitions. The free market is for those who have to compete to make a living, not for the globalists that own and control all of the biggest corporations and banks, for which there is a preferential treatment, enabled by laws, lobbies and politicians, to keep them above the pack without the obligation to compete to prevail.
John D. didn’t want to own things because of the economic liabilities that come with it, which is part of the essence of free-market as you share benefits and risks for owning your private property; he wanted to control markets without having to risk his capital to do so.
Yet, many people will see him as the heir of one of the most successful family in capitalist history. For me the whole thing sounds more like communism, just like the NWO project they are bringing forward so often.
That’s where I wanted to bring you. When you think about it, the NWO is a project which most driving components are free-market and free-business. Yet, people like Rockefeller will claim we need free-market and that the NWO is the ultimate solution to bring true free-market, but will behind the scenes lobby to eliminate competition and push for legislative changes in laws to make things favorable to them and unfavorable to their competitors. They will also buy small companies with innovative products that could fix market’s collateral issues like energy and environment in order to thwart this innovative push and keep their own uncompetitive products a bit longer on the shelves.
I guess what i’m trying to say is that Rockefeller might be an important piece of the puzzle, new angles must be added to enrich research and theory floating around about the New World Order. Always talking about the same things can be unproductive… I mean, Rockefeller will be 101 years old for Christ’s sake! Time to push the looking further. Rockefeller is OK, but at which extend?
I used this exemple to illustrate the necessity for everyone to get politically educated and involved, not just watching silly homemade videos. Anyway, I talked enough, so let just proceed with the Goddamn movie. Enjoy!
Thanks for watching and share this article. Bless!
watch the new world order and illuminati movie flag
WARNING: Some images can be disturbing to see by young children.

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new world order 2015

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2015 year of the resistance to the nwo

Posted on 30 January 2015 by @patlalrique

new world order 2015

2015 is just here now… 1 month already passed in 2015 and we can expect lots of event coming up!

[inlinetweet prefix=”@patlalrique” tweeter=”RT @nwopad” suffix=””]Fresh new video for 2015! Hang on to your teeth![/inlinetweet]






Back to school 2014 gave us hints of what we should expect from 2015… Since the NWO activation that occured on December 21st 2012, the illuminati went in overdrive mode as global knowledge of their plans and maneuvers is on the rise.


They understood that and they want to respond accordingly: promoting false informations and confusing theories from their gatekeepers and others… And by launching numerous news outlets to grab the narrative.


Time to regroup and reinforce the barrage we make to the bilderbergers,the freemasons and the power that be.


http://news.yahoo.com/armed-man-overpowered-dutch-national-broadcaster-report-195017203.html – He might have pulled that stuff to be accepted in his school ivy league society. Ironically, the freemasons, the illuminati and the conspiracy theories he would have wanted to denounce is in fact in total harmony with the concept of college secret societies…


http://www.livemint.com/Opinion/N1yZvykfgLK1vncC4tQujP/A-new-world-order.html – The illuminatis are effectively crippling dissident countries like Russia, Nigeria and Venezuela, while boosting the Zombie USA and they new boy on the block, India.


After a calculated crash in 2007-08, the New World Order is ready again to complete another economic manipulation in 2015.
Hang on to your teeth and prepare yourself!


Justin Bieber, Rihanna, beyoncé and jay Z, from the nwo or new world order, think they are illuminatis, but patlalrique says kanye west and katy perry are not even close.


Video 4 in sweet toughts format.
Date of filming : 07-08-13

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10 000 windows 2

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illuminati 10 000 Windows Your Friendly Masonic Neighborhood

Posted on 10 January 2015 by @patlalrique



illuminati 10 000 Windows Your Friendly Masonic Neighborhood






A closer look at an illuminati building in Quebec City. This masonic construction, modern, and startling, represent perfectly the masonic movement of our modern societies.

#quebec #gopro #illuminati #sunny #autumn #nwo nwonotepad.com

http://www.wboc.com/story/27382924/3-charged-with-shattering-100-car-windows : That’s what we call doing bad things in an effective way
http://metronews.ca/news/winnipeg/1220420/bird-poop-leaking-roofs-damaging-legislature/ : This masonic building, altough a illuminati creation, is still vulnerable to decay!

Please inform yourself! It’s all out there in front of our very own eyes! #nwo #newworldorder, #illuminati. nwonotepad.com – visit and share! – Original work by patlalrique, Peace!


Video 4 in symbology serie
Video 7 in simply watch format
Date of filming : 09-07-2014 and 10-27-2014 for bike sequence

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ISIS flag guns

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ISIS vs Al-Qaïda

Posted on 30 September 2014 by @patlalrique

isis sneakers irak syria


#ISIS and Al-Qaida have multiple similitudes but are not the same. And that’s exactly the purpose. To plant confusion in the public’s mind. They are different but have goals in common and similar origins.

ISIS can be called under different names: ISIS, ISIL, Islamic State, DAESH.

But the big difference is that #ISIS is a creature that has raised by itself and seems more or less under control, while Al-Qaida is an anonymous group, used by many intelligence agencies around the world. It’s a ghost group; it exists more or less.

ISIS is highly funded by grabs of oil rigs revenue and taxes on controlled region. Some ISIS militants could be under intel agencies payroll.

Al-Qaida would be mainly financed by governments as tool devices.

In conclusion, be aware that terrorism needs money to survive (they dont have a day job) so you want to know where the money comes from.

Very good article on how indirect actions from the US lead to more terrorism in the region.

#NewWordlOrder #Syria #Irak #Illuminati

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Iran Islamic Revolution 1979

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Iran 1979 Revolution is 35 Years Old

Posted on 31 August 2014 by @patlalrique


iran 1979



Nowdays Iranians and others are talking about a New World Order of the their own.

Say 1979’s Islamic revolution was most significant move agains’t the westerners’ New World Order. And they very might be right.

New World Order now is about multiple poles of power not just one like before.

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Will Ferrel Eva Mendez Husband and Wife

Posted on 30 April 2014 by @patlalrique



Will Ferrel Eva Mendez Husband and Wife





Will Ferrel Eva Mendes Husband and wife with Will Ferrel amd Eva Mendes nwo illuminati – http://nwonotepad.com visit and share! Original work by patlalrique, from the movie the other guys (c) 2010! Peace!

Justin Bieber, Rihanna, beyoncé and jay Z, from the nwo or new world order, think they are illuminatis, but patlalrique says kanye west and katy perry are not even close. nwonotepad nwopad


Let’s face it, the nwo has render things uncozy when it comes to dating. A small video-clip to remind us to stay on the fundamentals in relationship with a lot of humor!
http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/reliable-source/wp/2014/02/24/watch-will-ferrell-michelle-obama-lead-kids-focus-group/ — Will ferrel is funny. I would have make more joke at poking Michelle Obama tought. He was intimidated.
http://okmagazine.com/get-scoop/will-ferrell-eva-mendes-shes-not-beautiful-really/Will Ferrel the funniest guy around.


Video 1 in funny short serie.
Date of filming : 24-02-14 (captured)

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rihanna red lips

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Illuminati Poseur Mag Initiati Jumping on the illuminati Bandwagon

Posted on 30 April 2014 by @patlalrique



Illuminati poseur mag Initiati jumping on the illuminati bandwagon





Since 2012, the concept of illuminati has become a new trend, something that has been linked by mainstream media solely to the celebrities and hence has been described as an entertainment industry thing. #nwo

There was 2 goals to be achieved by the elites with this scheme : first, initiating the masses with the knowledge that there is indeed a conspiracy. And they did so in such a way that the general public wouldn’t understand it, would associate any idea of a conspiracy with the extravagances of the celebrities in the music, movie and socialite universe. #illuminatis

So the result is that they have informed us (it was very important for them that they actually tell us their plans, it’s part of their believes) and that most people are now more confused about the conncept of the illuminati and the existence of a conspiracy.

More video will be posted about the illuminati topic so stay tuned, subscribe and come back! Thank you! nwonotepad.com – Visit and share! – Original work by patlalrique, Peace!

http://hollywoodlife.com/2014/04/06/jay-z-five-percent-nation-chain-controversy-whites-are-devils/comment-page-2/#comment-3447552 : The illuminatis trail goes way beyond this. How deep the rabbit hole goes?

http://gothamist.com/2014/04/06/jay_z_wears_controversial_medallion.php : 2012 was the year they revealed some part of the conspiracy to us… Part of this was done by using celebrities to carry out those insight to the general public in a way that the whole thing would be considered extravagant and limited to the music industry. Confining the illuminati concept being only a celebrity thing is a good way to attract attention away of the real deal actually.


Justin Bieber, Rihanna, beyoncé and jay Z, from the nwo or new world order, think they are illuminatis, but patlalrique says kanye west and katy perry are not even close. nwonotepad nwopad  


Video 2 in illuminati 2014 serie.
Video 1 simply watch format.
Date of filming : 05-19-2013

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montreal 1980

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illuminati Montreal 2012 Year of Revelation

Posted on 31 March 2014 by @patlalrique

See below for description of video.




http://www.nwonotepad.com visit and share! 2012 the year of the revelations. Hints about what’s going on in Ukraine, Venezuela and Syria new world order – Original work by patlalrique, Peace!


The whole world saw the year 2012, along the infamous hoax of the end of the world on 21-12-12 and the rise of the like of justin Bieber, Drake, Rihanna, beyoncé, jay Z, kanye west, katy perry, kesha, rick ross as illuminati flagship, as a year where many things has been revealed. Stay tunes on nwonotepad.com for more actions!!!1!


http://www.muumuse.com/2013/11/illuminati-princess-rihanna-haunted-by-ariana-grandes-demons-in-what-now-video.html/– Rihanna Barbadian beauty in supernatural Illuminati form!


http://beginningandend.com/rhianna-illuminati-princess-tweets-satan/#comment-299210 — Rihanna is being used for her beauty as an illuminati princess receiving all the gold in the world in exchange for her soul.


ukraine, venezuela ,syria, libya, russia, greece, android, google, facebook, twitter, putin


Video 2 in Montréal Illuminati 2013 serie.
Video 2 in sweet toughts format.
Date of filming : 12-20-11

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World’s elite wants to finish off #Syria once and for all in #2014

Posted on 24 January 2014 by @patlalrique

Their plans was to have Syria demolished by the end of 2012. But since #Assad and #Putin won’t let it go, the elites have been slapped in the face and slammed down with their crooked schemes.
They then went back in their #batcaves in 2013 to figure out a way to screw things differently by the summer in order to develop a new scenario for #Syria. They came close to remix the troubles but failed again in october, thwarted by Putin.
Switzerland Davos Kerry
But now it is enough: they won’t stand anymore such unsubmissive behavior and they made a pledge to get over with Syria in 2014. Indeed, the Syria havoc was supposed to last a year or two maximum, but now it is completing his third year and things look ugly for the globalist. They look like a bunch of fools in front of the multipolarers.

Bashar al-Assad cannot be part of that future” –Kerry

The 2014 world economic forum is now an good occasion for them to reassess the urgent need to clinch an Empire footstep in #Syria. It is with
It’s with the theme ” remodeling the world ” that WEF founder Klaus Schwab wanted the world’s cream reunion to take place.
It is under a very significant theme that this meeting is occuring. The Empire totally messed up the Syria file in 2012 and in 2013, They certainly don’t want to be ridiculized in 2014 again.

cameron - syria

Cameron on the #Syria case.


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Detroit #nwo blueprint for a ”city of doom”

Posted on 23 January 2014 by @patlalrique

Detroit will be used as a laboratory in the #nwo. The bankruptcy will only be a mean to pumps up more wealth to the elites. After the storm, the good time. #Detroit will be revived from his dust. The elites are jubilating.

detroit courage

Detroit now rely on hard work and heating oil

In fact, this city will be a good havoc-meter to see the result of the politics coming from them. They are directly responsable for what happen to this city and are watching what is going on with a lot of satisfaction. It should be clear now for the rest of the world. Everybody realize the nature of this controlled demolition.
The elites like when a city become abandonned, defectuous, but with gigantic masonic buildings that are in contrast well maintained for the elites. It fits with their movie script from the films they do in Hollywood.
A city where there is poverty and criminality (blade runner scenario), with simple people trying to survive beside the ultra-rich powerful.
detroit city

Detroit will revive like a phoenix

The juggernaut bankruptcy allowed the phoenix rebirth of #Detroit. They like to erase something and start back from scratches with the recuperated assets. There is a dynamic realty scene with companies constructing new buildings for the rich while the abandonned houses and lots are acquired by the state and federal governments.
Officials say that bankruptcy should has been filled years before. Instead, the agony was prolonged because of the lack of courage of civil servants who wasn’t up to do the damage control required for the good of the city. The illuminatis couldn’t be more happier to see their plans turning out to be a large, controlled and slow demolition of the city.
baltimore maryland

Baltimore could collapse

According to some report the city of Baltimore could be next to be sent to the municipal meat-grinder. And it’s nothing. Jefferson County in Alabama has been sorted out and Long Island State is in big trouble.
It is up for the courageous citizens of Detroit to develop skills and associate in order to claim their share. There is room for everyone when one is willing to fight for it.
An ultra-futuristic project from our ”elite” and managed for all the glory of the new world order!


detroit michigan

Hard working Detroit

Beware the nwo is watching our cities.
detroit center

Nwo is watching







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Genesis of the new world order

Posted on 02 January 2014 by @patlalrique

blue arrival

blue arrival

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2014 rises

Posted on 01 January 2014 by @patlalrique


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