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watch the new world order and illuminati movie flag lite

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The New World Order and the illuminati Agenda

Posted on 22 May 2016 by @patlalrique

Length: 1h08 (one hour eight minutes) – 640×360 resolution – English language – WATCH
I edited this video for your viewing pleasure and to give a batch of good information about globalism and the New World Order. I selected the most important pieces of data and I think the movie is a decent entry-level/intermediary recap on the NWO and the illuminatis. The nwo and iluminati agenda movie.
I deliberately let in some clichés and subjects that most people talk about when they explain the New World Order but that are only making them grazing the surface when they do so. In order to see the big picture, it is essential to enable ourselves to see the issue of globalism from different vintage points.
watch the new world order and illuminati movie
Talking about the NWO without mentioning the religious, cultural and social angles of it is a bit like going fishing and bringing a bucket with an hole in it to put your fish in. It’s OK if you’re just fishing for fun and don’t want to bring anything back, but you won’t have a meal if you can’t keep the fishes you got into your bucket.
For Exemple, to understand how Rockefeller built his empire and why he is an adamant promoter of the New World Order, it is important to look into the flaws of our economic system and into the mechanism Rockefeller used to get in the position he got. His father died in 1937 as the wealthiest man on earth with a gigantic fortune of more than 330 billion of 2007 dollars. Again, this was 1.4 billion of 1937’s money: this fact is mind-blowing, and makes John D. Rockefeller the richest man in U.S. history.
Rockefeller junior inherited this fortune and made it grow even more. Now the Rockefeller estate has been merged with Rothchild’s capital‘s in May 2012 to form an super entity.
Now, what this has to do with what we’re talking?
To make sense of it, we must take a look into the father. Rockefeller Sr mostly built his fortune from oil exploitation in the 19th and 20th century by running the Standard Oil company. Although he was a visionary, did work very hard to construct his empire and greatly contributed to modern capitalism as we know it today, his actions back in the days were as anti-capitalist as they can get.
Rocky Sr spent his life buying and killing other companies that were working in oil to eliminate competition. Not only he did that with oil businesses, but also in sectors related to oil exploitation and oil transport, more precisely train freight. He made sure throughout all his life that Standard Oil would remain the dominating business in oil, if not the sole company in oil business. Rocky Sr has been heard saying things like ”competition is a sin” or ”control everything, own nothing”.
Now that’s pretty much the worst thing you can say about free market. The chant the New World Order advocates and activists are relentlessly singing is nothing more than a call for system where there is privileges and punitions. The free market is for those who have to compete to make a living, not for the globalists that own and control all of the biggest corporations and banks, for which there is a preferential treatment, enabled by laws, lobbies and politicians, to keep them above the pack without the obligation to compete to prevail.
John D. didn’t want to own things because of the economic liabilities that come with it, which is part of the essence of free-market as you share benefits and risks for owning your private property; he wanted to control markets without having to risk his capital to do so.
Yet, many people will see him as the heir of one of the most successful family in capitalist history. For me the whole thing sounds more like communism, just like the NWO project they are bringing forward so often.
That’s where I wanted to bring you. When you think about it, the NWO is a project which most driving components are free-market and free-business. Yet, people like Rockefeller will claim we need free-market and that the NWO is the ultimate solution to bring true free-market, but will behind the scenes lobby to eliminate competition and push for legislative changes in laws to make things favorable to them and unfavorable to their competitors. They will also buy small companies with innovative products that could fix market’s collateral issues like energy and environment in order to thwart this innovative push and keep their own uncompetitive products a bit longer on the shelves.
I guess what i’m trying to say is that Rockefeller might be an important piece of the puzzle, new angles must be added to enrich research and theory floating around about the New World Order. Always talking about the same things can be unproductive… I mean, Rockefeller will be 101 years old for Christ’s sake! Time to push the looking further. Rockefeller is OK, but at which extend?
I used this exemple to illustrate the necessity for everyone to get politically educated and involved, not just watching silly homemade videos. Anyway, I talked enough, so let just proceed with the Goddamn movie. Enjoy!
Thanks for watching and share this article. Bless!
watch the new world order and illuminati movie flag
WARNING: Some images can be disturbing to see by young children.

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