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facebook commercials connect internet.org

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Facebook new ads reveal Facebook think only them can connect you to the outside world

Posted on 14 February 2015 by @patlalrique

facebook commercials connect internet.org

[inlinetweet prefix=”@patlalrique” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Facebook released 2 new commercials today in a PR campaign[/inlinetweet] oriented on 2 fronts: The first one is the expansion of the network, visibly by what we can see the mobile share of Facebook. The second face is internet.org, Facebook’s project to extend internet network to everyone on earth.


In fact, it has been reported that many users in developing countries are not aware Facebook is actually the Internet. Most of them access Facebook through feature phones: they seems to use Facebook app, but not the web browser, the in-app probably being way better designed, or even sometimes the only option to access the internet in the absence of a web browser or any other web capable app. Sometimes it could mean there is no other apps than FB that comply with the technology available to access the internet in remote places.

facebook advertisement

People in Nigeria and in Indonesia said no when they were asked if they had access to the Internet, yet they specified that they were using facebook everyday. Like we said, many people just have access to the internet through Facebook very app: for them, it often means Facebook is the Internet.
People walks in the phone store and ask ‘I want Facebook’. Which is kind of freaky but funny at the same time. It is of course a minority but if you take Facebook large user base it means a few millions of people share that misconception.

Facebook has seen right by putting efforts to develop lightweight feature mobile apps as it now contributes to grow the mobile platform in hopes of future revenues in developing markets.


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