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2017, It’s fudge time!

Posted on 18 June 2017 by @patlalrique

A cake with fudge
So yeah Trump fudged… but I don’t really think it matters, the point was to broadcast a revolutionary platform. Never in the past a presidential candidate has been so far against the establishment
Okay, things didn’t turned out the way people thought they would, but the project was the important part. Like many have said, ”This movement is bigger than Trump”. Now whether we can convert that into real results remain to be seen.
Trump might have dialled back on certain issues but I am sure if will still put forward many good things.
And the fudging hasn’t been done solely by politicians, but by the opposing camp against the President: Democrats, celebrities, leftists, supporters and voters who clearly cannot handle the final result of the election. In this case fudging is used to point out the people melting down on Trump, in a similar way than fudge bars sitting in the hot summer sun.
A meltdown rendered possible first by deception from the media that aired a Clinton victory narrative 24/7 for months before November, and by the astonishing win of a pirate candidate that consequently projected back in their face all the establishment’s lies, manipulations and non-sense with the help of a clear and efficient platform. A new term is born: Snowflake!
I like to see all these people, among them leaders like celebrities, pop-music artists, high-profile scientists, media faces and other famous people, wanting to ban Trump. I’ll tell you what they are: agents of the current system; auxiliairies of the banks, pawns of the New World Order, cultural Marxist promoters, etc…
These people, let me laugh… They claim to have the best interest of regular citizens at heart yet they completely live outside the economic constraints that most people have to take into account. Hahaha, this isn’t a joke, that’s a gigantic farce. A simple look in the mirror will eventually make people realise they weren’t self-aware of the dupping. Just wait for the Big Reset to come out.
No hard feelings, most figureheads opposing Trump are very wealthy and famous people and they have, obviously, an interest to keep things going.
In fact, most people have an interest to keep things going, it’s just that the economic system isn’t sustainable. Even if they try as hard as they can to save it in the background they know it is designed to fail. If you create debt you need to pay it back. The fact they are actually planning to go even further into debt, because we can’t just pay it anyway, is a good reason alone to believe the system is designed to crash.
If you really want to be ”the resistance”:
try to go after the banks; tell our governments to stop supporting government agencies and their proxies in their plans to destroy Syria and Irak; point out the paradox of having no free media in the west as their are owned by tiny special interest groups; oppose the complete financialisation of our economies that gives us a world where numbers on a computer matter more than actual real work and real matter; look into all the neocon think-tanks, liberal groups and oligarchic institutions that deeply want to change our civilisation behind closed doors; find out that most problems we have are created by the current system and that the ones who claim they want to change it are actually part and profiting from it; look how our governments are spending money that becomes huge debts for future generations without any credible plan to get out of that situation while politicians are saying ”everything is fine, we’re in a recovery”…
Maybe this could be the start to do something and agree on solutions…
Sometimes I look at the current political situation and I am wondering if anything is real anymore, it’s like mind-blowing how everything is upside down. It doesn’t make any sense. Since when people are suffering from such a colossal stockholm syndrome?
 melted fudge in a bowl
Well I guess there is Twitter and then there is real life. Some people seems to be confusing both… That’s the final boss who must be laughing; he found an easily manipulable and critical mass of people to do the dirty chores for him. He must be folded in half watching Youtube.
All these poor people demonising Trump and many others while the true source of structural problems is our social, economical and cultural system.
Whereas I, my reaction to this is a mixture of disappointment, annoyance and sadness.
Look, the Globalists took over the narrative in the last hundred years and our lives are pretty much a reality they created.
I will not say everything is bad in our system. But in many strategic areas in it malfunctioning because it has been distorted to serve the wishes of an ever-shrinking oligarchic elite.

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Japan hot-blooded coup

Posted on 01 February 2014 by @patlalrique

Posted on Youtube by elite group Carnegie Council for Ethics in International affairs on January 2sd, 2014. Author Eri Hotta talks about the Japanese military coup in the 30’s perpetrated by hot-blooded middle-rank officers, more radical than their superior.
This video is interesting because it adresses a little-known fact about human. Usually, in a chain of command, it is the higher intermediate of the chain who gives an army his strentgh and virility. They hold enough executive power and field authority to influence the ruling officer. The top commanders are not in executive position so they don’t get in touch with what it takes to run an army in the field. They were once but they usually loose it when thy climb to higher ranks. They then rely on lower ranks to take tougher decision. That is why there is so many military coup that have happen troughout history.


Japan army

Japanese soldiers in exercice with US marines

Carnegie youtube CEIA channel here. As well as their website.

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