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Mayer’s internet of things a tipping point?

Posted on 28 January 2014 by @patlalrique

#Yahoo’s Marissa¬†Mayer was¬†among the top¬†cream of the tech elite last week¬†at the 2014¬†World Economic Forum in Davos, #Switzerland, where she was¬†speaking with lot of hype and confidence about super future high-tech scenarios.


Marissa Mayer seen day dreaming

Of course, Mayer can speak on authority behalf when she is speaking about technology having been recruted to be the head of Yahoo!, the struggling web-giant. The panel she was participating to at the WEF in #Davos contained some hints about the very trendy ”Internet of thing”.

Other panelists Benioff and Chambers said that 1 trillion total things could be web-connected in the futur and among those, 4 or 5 devices could be designed to be implanted in the human body.

Mayer internet

Brilliant and sucessfull Mayer

Mayer stated too in her speech that connectivity oriented Internet of Things will help us be more trusty. But the reason it is so is clouded by the hype surrounding these new technologies: being more trusty means being not private anymore. Of course you can trust strangers as soon as you get to know them better. The Internet of Things is a good occasion for NOT adressing the real goal of the elites, which is to destroy anonymity on the web.

”The Internet of Things makes connecting and trusting people easier” — Mayer

She kept going on her roll and said, with the approval of her tech companions, that new connected technologies would change our life like never before”. It is a very interesting things to say but what does she exactly mean by ”never before”?

She set the tone for excitement among her co-panelist when she designed 2014 as the ”tipping point” of the internet, no less. You know what it is, when tech CEO start talking about new trends and they get all excited (in a subtle way) like they know something the others don’t.

They were not exactly ”excited” because they had to keep their composure at the WEF, but you could tell they were predicting something big coming. Only Randall Stephenson of At&T America and Gavin Patterson of British Telecom did not get on the trendy bandwagon as they are CEO of coomunication companies and that require them to be total badass and not tell to much to not commit themselve in front of their board.

Authoritative band The Roots on what is a ”tipping point”

Brilliant Mayer

The Internet of Things can indeniably rise quality of life without a question. In areas where seconds can make a difference, it is crucial that we implement technology where it can help us save lives.

See the whole WEF 2014 digital panel by yourself here.

It could seem very exciting for the novice out there to talk about connecting everything, but it is a bit presomptuous to talk about improving quality of life witout talking about transportation and commuting issues. How technology could help on this is a question more relevant to adress rather than talking about connecting fridge and appliance to the internet.

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